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Our Daily Updates provide a recap of the prior trading day in China along with economic, sector, and individual company analysis.To get the most up-to-date information on the Chinese markets, all you have to do is subscribe.

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Company Research

As one of the largest independent Chinese equity research providers in the United States, AERI regularly publishes research on U.S. listed Chinese equities, in addition to equities listed in Hong Kong. Please contact us for a listing of covered companies.

China Insight

Need the latest weekly economic, political and market information from China? Published as Chinese data is available, China Insight is a email version of our newsletters that will provide a quick overview of what is happening in China. You will not find a more timely of source of information. A one-year introductory subscription is only $60! 52 weeks of indispensable information for little over a dollar a week. Subscribe today!

Sector Research

AERI's team of 100 analysts create in-depth quarterly reviews on A-share sectors in China. If you need to know what is happening in a specific sector, AERI provides access to research that is not avialable anywhere else. Current Sector research includes:
Agriculture, Information Technology, Pharmacueticals, Coal, New Energy, Banking, and Real Estate,
Here is a sample:
AG Q2 2012.pdf

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Every week, AERI publishes three newsletters to help you understand the complexities of the Chinese marketplace:

  • Economy - review of current economic statistics
  • Policy - recent government policy decisions
  • Market - technical analysis of markets and industrial sectors

QFII/QDII Consulting

AERI is one the leading resources for QFII and QDII licensing in the United States. Our team of experts can help navigate the application process from the CSRC all the way through SAFE. Following application approval, our team of investment analysts provide in-depth research for all product types and post-launch support.